Rooms Available

We have an upstairs room and downstairs room available to hire together or separately. There are toilets (male and female) and a fully equipped kitchen which are included with either room booking.

We apologise but currently our building is not wheelchair accessible, hopefully in the future we will be able to remedy this.


5.87 m x 17.60 m 

Hall with strip lighting, fold up tables and chairs available. 
Vinyl floor tiles

Access to kitchen and toilets, which are downstairs.


5.36 m x 12.33 m

Hall with strip lighting, further fold up tables and chairs available. Vinyl floor and carpet floor. Fixed bench 1 metre width down the side. 

Access to kitchen and toilets.


4.1 x 2.9 m 

Fully equipped kitchen with sink, cooker and hob (4 rings). Microwave and kettle. Various cooking equipment.

Price List as of 2023


£ 10.60 per hour


£ 7.50 per hour


£18.10 per hour

Please feel free to contact us about regular bookings in the general contact form, we are more than happy if a group or club wants to share our space. We can facilitate safe storage of personal equipment which you can lock and have sole access to if you are a group/club.

If you are a scout/guide group please contact us if you would like to us the hall over night for a sleepover or to run events from our hall. We can offer you a price and tell you availability on contact. We also have scouting equipment which we are happy to share/hire out. 

We are in the process of renovating the hall, if there are any specific requirements needed to facilitate a group we can attempt to include them as we renovate the building.

Booking Enquiry

Please fill the form in and we will respond to you within 48 hours, if you don’t hear a response please try again.